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People Not Property is an interactive documentary about the history of Northern colonial enslavement produced by Historic Hudson Valley.
Historic Hudson Valley is a not-for-profit education organization in Westchester County, New York that welcomes visitors to historic landmarks of national significance in the Hudson Valley. Supported by scholarly research, Historic Hudson Valley interprets the history, architecture, landscape, and culture of the Hudson Valley, advancing its importance and thereby assuring its preservation. Through tours, programs, special events, and digital media, Historic Hudson Valley makes meaning for diverse audiences.Among its programs, Historic Hudson Valley provides a constellation of on-site, in-school, and digital offerings under the heading Slavery in the Colonial North. These activities represent Historic Hudson Valley’s commitment to sharing the history of northern colonial enslavement, and to dispelling the myths that many Americans still believe about its scope and impact. This commitment is supported by decades of investigation at our own sites and throughout the mid-Atlantic states. Historic Hudson Valley hopes to bring the stories of those who endured this terrible injustice to the widest possible audience, enlightening minds and engendering empathy.People Not Property: Stories of Slavery in the Colonial North is intended to introduce students, teachers, and the interested public to the history of Northern enslavement. The documentary focuses on what is known or may be interpreted about the lives of individual enslaved people, whose stories are rarely highlighted. Far from comprehensive, People Not Property nonetheless offers an interactive cross-section of human stories emblematic of the lived experience of slavery in colonial America.


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