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Traders & Raiders Website

Human cargo was one part of the extensive transatlantic trade among Europe, Africa, the Caribbean, and the northern Atlantic colonies.
Traders & Raiders explores New York’s role in the Golden Age of piracy, which lasted from the late 1600s through the mid-1700s. The site includes short articles that examine the life of pirates and their methods of operating both inside and outside the law.

For student audiences, Traders & Raiders offers a glimpse into the realities of seafaring life, including the nautical paths to destinations on both sides of the Atlantic, the work that pirates did, and some of the myths surrounding piracy. Readers can also learn more about Frederick Philipse, the owner of Philipsburg Manor, and his role in both legal and illegal aspects of international trade.

The website also links to the educational game Traders & Raiders, which allows players to assume the role of a pirate. Players follow trade winds to get across the ocean safely, while the principles of supply and demand determine their success in plundering ships and selling their goods portside.
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